The overarching goal at EnSegs is “Helping you Produce and Conserve Energy.” Our business decisions are decided once we answer the question “how does this help our customers produce or conserve energy”?

Create Change

  • One of our key goals is to help you to reduce the amount of CO2 you are producing; thus, reducing the future effects of climate change.
  • We provide simple, painless solutions that can make a huge difference in the fight to preserve the environment.


  • RedwoodsWe intend to increase the overall adoption of renewable energy, we are currently focused on solar energy
  • We want to provide the electricity grid with clean affordable energy, generated from local sources
  • We provide a range of options for investing in renewable energy
  • We will grow by continuing to develop collaborative partnerships
  • Each year EnSegs increases the number of highly skilled and motivated employee/owners.

Provide Greater Value to our Customers

  • We provide a number of  clean energy projects to choose from
  • We strive to improve our business processes inorder to continually lower the cost of renewable energy.

Develop Training Materials

  • We teach people about climate change
  • We provide and share detailed information on solar installations
  • We continually build upon and perfect materials that provide energy saving ideas
  • We provide information that we hope you will distribute to others.