Strive for Excellence in Customers Service

In order to ensure 100% satisfaction:

  • We will always exhibit a customer friendly attitudeThe Edmonton River Valley
  • We will seek your feedback and respond to suggestions
  • We will respond within two working days to phone calls or email inquiries
  • We will provide customer service before, during, and after you have purchased our products and services!

Reduce Our Own Environmental Footprint

Make progress on our own environmental performance goals:

  • At home and at work
  • Continue to recycle
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce consumption
  • Reduce air emissions
  • Increase the amount of power generated from renewable technologies.

Invest in Healthy Communities

  • Invest in and support the community, develop educational and environmental programs, create charitable opportunities and encourage the volunteer efforts of our employees
  • Utilize the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) concept to evaluate the ramifications of our business decisions.

Advance Industry Collaboration

Work closely within the industry, and with like minded companies to make improvements to environmental, social and economic performance

  • Share best practices, expertise, and other information to make the industry stronger.
  • Participate in industry events.