5.2 kW System


This PV array was installed on a 30 foot long garage with an unobstructed southern exposure. Twenty, 260 watt solar modules were placed in 4 rows of 5 modules.  The modules are connected to a 5 kW Sunny Boy inverter via two strings of 10 modules each.

Project Details:

Project Type: Solar PV Project Value: ~$17,000
System Size: 5.2 kW Street: 9220-60 Street
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 260W Province: Alberta

Owner Comments:

This is the first system that Greg Cole installed in September 2014. Greg installed the system on his own garage with 4 of the founding members of EnSegs to reduce his family’s impact on the environment and to truly understand all the issues around owning a photovoltaic system.

5.2 kW Solar system