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Dale inspects his new solar array upclose!

The Alberta Government’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program has released an update on the number of solar installations that have been funded (Alberta Solar Business News, Solar Energy Society of Alberta, December 2017). Funding happens once the solar project has been built and connected to the grid.

There have been 322 solar projects funded, with approximately 25% of these being built in Edmonton. Of the 80 new residential solar project in Edmonton in 2017, EnSegs has installed 5 of these new systems or 6.25%! Outside of Edmonton EnSegs also installed a 9.5 kW solar projects in Millet, Alberta.

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta now lists 108 solar providers in the Edmonton Area. This means that there were a lot of companies competing for those 80 solar installations. This will likely drive pricing down as new companies may be willing to sacrifice profit to get those first few jobs and create a portfolio. On the downside choosing a company on price alone may be a bad idea.

Of note there were also 70 residential solar installations in Calgary, 16 in Medicine Hat, 12 in Lethbridge, 5 in Red Deer, and 1 in Millet. The average  project size was approximately 7.2 kW in size. The average project size for EnSegs was 7.053 kW in size.



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