5.3 kW System


This system was designed and installed on a 1960’s style bungalow. Twenty, 265 watt solar modules were distributed across four roof surfaces,  2 south facing surfaces and 2 west facing surfaces.

Project Details:

Project Type: Solar PV Project Value: ~$16,000
System Size: 5.3 kW Street: 9216-60 Street
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 265W Province: Alberta

Customer Comments:

I’ve known Greg Cole, the original founder of EnSegs, since he and his family moved in next door in 2009. Greg and his team installed their first solar panel system on his garage in 2014. In talking to Greg about solar energy, over several years, I began to realize that solar energy was viable in Alberta despite our winters and it would allow me to produce most of my own electricity.

I am really pleased with the friendly service the EnSegs team provided; not only did they install my solar panel system, they also updated my old electrical panel. In addition to handling all of the various permitting aspects of the installation, they also helped with the Micro-Generation Regulations which allows Albertans to generate their own environmentally friendly electricity and receive credit for any power they send into the electricity grid.