Learning about Renewable Energy and the Solutions for Reducing Climate Change!

blured_modulesThe people at EnSegs are passionate about renewable energy and the possibilities that they offer. We take pride in and enjoy sharing the knowledge, skills, and abilities that we have gained.

One of our main goals is to develop and share information on climate change. We want to provide you with simple ways that can help you reduce your energy consumption, and show you how renewable energy will play a major part in limiting the impact of climate change.  Your actions influences others and everything you do to reduce climate change makes a difference.

The majority of this website is focused on solar photovoltaics (PV) and you will find that the information is specific to Alberta.

Some of what you will find in this section:

  • Information on how to conserve energy both at home and work
  • Tools to measure the CO2
  • A Blog where we discuss climate change and renewable energy issues
  • Simple ways you can produce your own renewable energy
  • Extensive information on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • A Forum where you can ask questions about climate change and renewable energy
  • A glossary that can help with terminology.


For more information or questions on these materials please send an email to: CustomerService@ensegs.com.