There are Several ways you can Invest in Renewable Energy.

The CEO Mr. Cole standing next to a recently installed Solar PV ArrayThe reasons for why someone would invest in renewable energy are varied and personal. Over time we learn that we are responsible for contributing to global warming and we begin to look for ways of reducing our own impact on the environment. Often we feel powerless and confused; unsure if one person can make a difference or unwilling to make changes that will affect our lifestyles. When we do choose to make changes we look for small painless steps that move us in the right direction, we begin to recycle, we turn the lights off when not in use, we plan better and reduce the amount of driving that we do, and we may even choose to take the bus or ride a bike to work.

Once we have created some momentum and have made a number of steps in the right direction we start looking for additional ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Helping to reduce the need for electricity produced from burning coal is a simple solution; some people are even willing to pay a premium on clean power (paying an extra .02 per kWh for green electricity). Many people have begun to produce their own energy in an effort to reduce their reliance on burning coal for their power.

Energy Segments provides an attractive option for people who want to make small steps towards generating renewable energy. An Energy Segment is a portion of a renewable energy project that provides you with a simple way of producing your own renewable energy. Energy Segments allow you to reduce your impact on the environment without having to pay a premium for the power produced.

EnSegs also manages the installation of your home or businesses solar PV project. EnSegs provides homeowners or business owners with the option be becoming a Project Sponsor this allows you to share a portion of your solar project, which has several distinct advantages: it reduces the total cost of ownership, maximizes the size of the system, creates more power production at a lesser cost (reduced cost per watt installed) and allows the community to invest in renewable energy.

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