Solar PV

Chris installing a single solar module, panel being lifted under mid clamps, Chris with EnSegs hard hat and safety glasses standing on Aluminum step ladderThere’s no better feeling than having your own solar PV power plant produce the energy for your home or business!

When choosing to install solar PV the amount of information and the choices we are faced with can often feel overwhelming. The following pages have been developed to answer a number of common questions that you may have, and to help you understand some of the basic technical information needed to make informed decisions.

The solar PV Projects page shows some of the systems we have designed in Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding areas.

This information has been written specifically for people living in Alberta.

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1) Introduction to Solar PV

2) Is my home or business a good place for a PV system?

(Will it work here?)


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3) How big can my PV system be?

  • Do I have enough area?
  • Do I have a good roof for solar?

4) What features should my PV system have?

(What Features do I need?)

  • What Monitoring software is available?
  • Can a system provide power when the grid is down?
  • Should I have a battery backup system?

5) Investing in your own PV system

(Investing in a System)

  • How much does a PV system cost?
  • Are there “feed in tariffs” or other incentives available to help reduce the cost of a solar PV system?
  • What are feed in tariffs?
  • How does leasing work?
  • Are tax incentives available?
  • How can I finance my PV system?
  • Do I need to buy insurance for my PV system?
  • Will a PV system increase the value of my property?

6) Connecting a PV system to the Utility Grid

(Connecting to the Grid)

  • What is net metering?
  • Do I need a special meter?
  • What is an interconnection agreement?
  • What should I know about Utility Interconnection Standards?
  • What should I know about permits and codes?
  • How do I get the utility and inspection signoff?
  • What do I need to know about the system warranty?

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