1) Introduction to Solar PV

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How much electricity will a PV system produce?

Using a Insolation Map, an optimally oriented PV array in the Edmonton area could create ~1200 to 1300 kW h/kW per year with a 1 kW system. Thus, you can calculate the approximate amount of power that larger systems would produce. For example a 5 kW system in the Edmonton Area would produce: 6000 to 6500 kWh per year (5 kW x 1200–1300 kW h/kW).

If you live in Edmonton you could use the number from the table (1245 kW h/kW) in your calculation. Using the specific number for the City of Edmonton would result in a more accurate number: 6,225 kWh (5 kW x 1245 kW h/kW).

Note: the average household in Alberta uses approximately 7,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Thus a 6 kW system would likely be needed to supply most of an average Edmontonian’s electricity needs: 7,470 kWh (6kW x 1245 kW h/kW). A 3 kW system would supply half of their needs.


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