1) Introduction to Solar PV
Page 2, Image of two solar modules

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Why Install Solar PV?

There are many reasons why someone would want to install a solar PV system:

  • For a reliable and proven way to generate your own clean, green electricity
  • Solar PV systems require little maintenance or repair and most modules have 25 year manufacturer’s warranties
  • To reduce personal COemissions, demonstrates your commitment to renewable energy and the environment, and to reducing the future effects of Global Warming
  • To start a dialogue with friends and family that helps to motivate others to learn about our environment and how to Conserve Energy or Produce your own Energy.
  • To generate your own power during peak electricity demand; thus, reducing the need for dirty coal powered plants
  • To reduce monthly utility bills and the impact from swings in the price of electricity
  • The fuel is free!

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