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Will the PV mounting system damage my roof?

This is a valid concern, especially for those who have just had their roof re-shingled in preparation for a solar installation. A solar array should be installed on relatively new shingles, as the array will likely stay on the roof for the next 25 years or more. As a result of this longevity, it is strongly recommended that the highest quality flashings be used. They are bolted to the rafters or trusses in your roof while holding the weight of the racking system. There are many different types of flashing systems available, but the best ones prevent any water from penetrating your roof.

When installed correctly, a complete PV system should enhance the quality and protection of your roof.

Quick Mount PV provides a great system. For more information click here…

Quickmount Flashing and L-foot  

Kinetic also provides an excellent system, For more information click here…


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