Solar panels and house fires.

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Hi Greg,

A question for you in regards to house fires – if our house was to catch fire, what impact/effect would the modules have?
Just curious.




Good question! I often read and hear about concerns that people have with solar modules catching fire or causing problems for firefighters. There are a ton of articles on the web that go into details, but the notes below sum up common issues.

Reducing distribution and transmission fees with solar PV

North Parkland Power

I’m often asked questions regarding distribution and transmission fees. Customers are frustrated with the cost of distribution and transmission fees that usually are more than the cost of power, but you can get some control over these fees by having a solar PV array installed.

Hi Greg,
My husband and I met you today at the home reno show in Edmonton. We were talking with you about getting power credits if we installed solar panels and had a surplus of power and how outraged we were at the amount of our bill that is made up of charges other than energy usage.


EnSegs Installed 6% of all new solar PV in Edmonton

solar array, solar modules, solar panel, Mill Woods, Edmonton, AB
Dale inspects his new solar array upclose!

The Alberta Government’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program has released an update on the number of solar installations that have been funded (Alberta Solar Business News, Solar Energy Society of Alberta, December 2017). Funding happens once the solar project has been built and connected to the grid.

There have been 322 solar projects funded, with approximately 25% of these being built in Edmonton. Of the 80 new residential solar project in Edmonton in 2017, EnSegs has installed 5 of these new systems or 6.25%! Outside of Edmonton EnSegs also installed a 9.5 kW solar projects in Millet, Alberta.


Why is there a limit to the Micro-Generation Regulation?

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I’m often asked after providing a solar installation quote for a customer why the Micro-Generation Regulation (MGR) was not written or changed to allow people to generate more energy than they use. After all “I have all that extra space on my roof for clean energy”. To be honest I always thought it was to stall or limit the amount of independent power producers. However, Gordon Howell stated in a FaceBook post on November 24, 2017 that:

“The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) implements the Electricity Utilities Act (EUA) under the AUC Rule 007. There is a reasonable and complex and costly AUC interconnection process for approving ALL electricity generating units. There is also a reasonable and complex and costly AESO payment process for ALL electricity generators.

Glenmary School (Peace River Alberta)

Presentation on Solar PowerGreg Cole and Alex Cartier of EnSegs spent the day (March 23rd) teaching Glenmary students about solar energy! Five sessions (85 minutes in length) were provided to students in grades 10-12 about solar energy, how solar works, how home installations are done, and what a career in solar energy might look like. Students were engaged and asked lots of questions!

With the rising interest in solar energy, we trust that some of the students that attended may now consider a career in the solar energy industry!

See the PowerPoint (PDF) file to view the slide presentation.


The Renewables Revolution


Canadians are feeling the sun this summer as regions across the nation are starting to reach their most scorching temperatures of the year. In Toronto, hundreds of invitation-only delegates are feeling the heat as they participate in a two-day climate summit. This is conveniently occurring just as Clean Energy Canada has released their report titled “Tackling the Global Energy Revolution 2015.” Simultaneously, world leaders are able to internalize the results of this report, while forging a plan that ensures economic and environmental sustainability.


Commitment to Renewables blowing from California to Texas

Commitment to Renewables blowing from California to Texas

Palo Alto, California and Georgetown, Texas do not have many things in common. One is situated on the rugged coast of Northern California, the latter located in the heart of the Longhorn state. While Northern California has obtained the reputation for being the liberal home of Americans, preaching openness, progress, and innovation, Texas has maintained its position as one of the more conservative states in the United States, boasting an allegiance to religious devotion, family values and the right to bear arms. Palo Alto has democrats serving in all major government positions, whereas Georgetown is represented entirely by Republicans. What these two cities now have in common is their commitment to renewable energy.


How Rachel Notley’s government promises to expedite the use of renewables in Alberta


Leading up to last week’s election, many felt the expanding momentum of the Alberta New Democratic Party headed by Rachel Notley, but very few would have anticipated such a lopsided victory. With the NDP’s capturing 53 out of a possible 87 seats, the province watched as their votes crumbled the Progressive Conservatives 44 year reign over Albertans. With sixty Conservative MP’s and four liberal MP’s losing their seats to the likes of the NDP’s, Wildrose, and Alberta Party, the election signaled a truly remarkable shift away from the traditional political parties in Alberta. The province now has two polarizing, but fresh parties running the parliament for the first time, and it is safe to say that there will be significant change.