8.48 kW System


EnSegs designed and installed this 8.48 kW solar PV system in the subdivision of Blue Quill in Edmonton, Alberta. Thirty-two (32), 265 watt solar modules were installed 0n 3 different roof surfaces.

Project Details:
Customer: Boyko Project Date: August, 2017
Provincial Grant: ~ $6,000 Project Type: Solar PV
Inverter System: APS Micro Inverters Address: 2444-117 street NW
Number of modules: 32 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 265W Province: Alberta

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Project Photos:

Image 1

solar racking, solar flashings, solar installations, Edmonton, Alberta, Blue Quill
This image shows the west and east roof surfaces. The racking and the Zilla Double Stud XL flashings are also shown. The west facing surface will hold 7 solar modules and the east surfaces 9 modules.

Image 2

Kinetic flashings, solar modules, panels, solar, racking, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This image shows the south facing roof surface. This surface will hold the bulk of the solar modules. Unfortunately, there were several vents that prevented the optimal layout.

Image 3

mid clips, solar array, solar power
A torque wrench is used to fasten mid-clamps between the solar modules. A torque wrench ensures the manufactures specifications are followed. Mid and End Clamps secure the solar modules to the rails.

Image 4

end clamps, end-clamps, rails, solar modules, solar installations, Edmonton, Blue Quill
End-clamps are seen in this image. They are used to secure the solar modules to the rails.

Image 5

solar installation, roof vents, solar modules, layout
Roof vents cannot be covered by modules so we design around them when possible.

Image 6

solar installation, combiner box, Edmonton, Alberta
Here the combiner box was installed next to the meter. The combiner box is where the two strings from the roof meet.

Image 7

solar installation, solar power
From the combiner box the wiring runs through PVC conduit and enters the house just above the electrical panel through a junction box.


Image 8

drone photos of the solar installation, solar, drone, Edmonton, Alberta
The view of the solar installation from the drone.

Video 1

Drone video provided by: Drone360 Imagery
Zien Nsier




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