6.7 kW System


This PV system has two arrays, both were installed on either side of plumbing stacks that could not be easily moved. The two solar arrays have ten 335 watt modules each and were installed on the south facing roof. The modules are connected to a 6 kW SolarEdge inverter via two strings of 10 modules each.

Project Details:
Customer: Trueman Project Date: June, 2018
Provincial and COE Grant : ~ $6,000 Project Type: Solar PV
Inverter System: Optimizers Address: 9708-94 street
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 335W Province: Alberta

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Project Photos:
Image 1

The Trueman’s solar installation is on a 11/12 sloped roof. This is a roof that you can not stand on without roof jacks. The roof jacks are shown above under the 2×10 planks. They are installed under the shingles and removed after the job is completed.

Image 2

The Zilla flashings are installed under the shingles to prevent water from seeping into the roof penetrations. A special caulking is also applied to the bottom of each flashing. The Zillas connect the rails to the roof structure and hold the weight of the solar array.

Image 3

Kinetic rails, Zilla flashings, and SolarEdge Optimizers, have been installed. Solar modules are next!

Image 4

The first 5 solar modules are installed on the rails after the installation of the SolarEdge optimizers. The 10 foot ladder between the arrays is used to quickly move to the top of the roof.

Image 5

A 32′ ladder was required to access to the roof.

Image 6

A team member working on the roof.

Image 7

The two strings are wired into the Soladeck and then travel down to the inverter located in the basement.

Image 8

Using a lift to get the modules onto the roof.

Image 9

Once we determine the number of modules required we use software to locate and place the modules in the best location on the roof.

 Image 10

The finished 6.7kW solar installation.

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