5.6 kW System


EnSegs designed and installed this 5.6 kW solar PV system in the subdivision of Mill Woods in Edmonton, Alberta. Twenty, 280 watt solar modules were installed in 4 rows across 5 columns on the Travis’s garage.

Project Details:
Customer: Travis Project Date: July, 2017
Provincial Grant: ~ $4,000 Project Type: Solar PV
Inverter System: Optimizers Address: 6035 37 Avenue NW
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 280W Province: Alberta

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Project Photos:
Image 1

solar module, solar panel
Dale helping to move a 280W solar module/panel.

Image 2

solar installation, Mill Woods, Edmonton, Alberta
Kinetic flashings and L brackets are installed first. Next comes the rails, then the solar modules.

Image 3

Rails, solar panels, Mill Woods, Edmonton
The aluminum rails have been leveled and now await the installation of the optimizers.

Image 4

SolarEdge Optimizers, solar panels, solar installation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The optimizers are attached to the rails, then to each other, and then to each module to form two strings of 10. The SolarEdge optimizers maximise the production from each solar module.

Image 5

mid clamps, rails, solar modules, solar panels, Mill Woods
Each solar module is attached to the rail using 4 end or mid clamps. Here we are installing a mid clamp and using a torque wrench to ensure it is fastened to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Image 6

solar, modules, panels, spacing modules, Edmonton, Alberta
Each row of modules are installed one inch from each other. This spacing allows for the necessary airflow to keep the modules from overheating. Too much heat causes reduced production.

Image 7

solar, squire guard, solar panels, solar modules, Edmonton, AB
Installing squire guard around the perimeter of the solar array. Squire guard is used to keep any critters from nesting under the solar array.

 Image 8

revenue grade meter, SolarEdge, wiring, electrical, Inverter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A look inside the SolarEdge DC disconnect located below the Inverter. SolarEdge revenue grade meters provide the highest degree of accuracy. Meters allow the customer to measure both production and consumption from a solar array.

Image 9

solar array, solar modules, solar panel, Mill Woods, Edmonton, AB
Dale inspects the new solar array up close!

Image 10

completed solar array, solar installation, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A view of the completed 5.6kW solar array.

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