Large sketch of garage, one roof surface, 20 solar modules5.2 kW System


This PV array was installed on a 30 foot long garage with an unobstructed southern exposure. Twenty, 260 watt solar modules were placed in 4 rows across 5 columns. The modules are connected to a 5 kW Sunny Boy inverter via two strings of 10 modules each.

Project Details:
Customer: Cole/Brown Project Date: September, 2014
Provincial Grant: N/A Project Type: Solar PV
Inverter System: String Inverter Address: 9220-60 Street
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 260W Province: Alberta
Owner Comments:

This is the first system that Greg Cole installed in September 2014. Greg installed the system on his own garage with 4 of the founding members of EnSegs to reduce his family’s impact on the environment and to truly understand all the issues around owning a photovoltaic system.

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Project Photos:
Image 1

Solar Installation, getting the roof prepared, Edmonton, Alberta

Trevor starts the installation of the flashings. Once the layout has been completed the installation of the flashings starts. Each shingle needs to be lifted so that the flashings can be placed under them.

Image 2

caulking, flashings, solar

Caulking is applied to the bottom of each flashing. If any water happens to get under the flashing it is directed away from the penetration. Note there is no caulking at the bottom of the flashing to allow moisture to escape.

Image 3

flashings, solar installation, Quick Mount PV

The flashings are installed under the shingles. Note temporary caulk lines are snapped along the roof trusses and where the rails will run. This flashing is a product of Quick Mount PV.

Image 4

L-feet, L- foot, PV solar installation, rails, flashings

The L-feet or L-brackets attach to the roof through the flashings. They also connect the rails to the roof.

Image 5

End-Clamp, rail, module, solar installation

The End-Clamps secure the solar panel to the rails.

Image 6

rails, solar modules, solar panels, solar installations, Edmonton

Mike makes a few final adjustments to ensure the rails are level.

Image 7

rails, solar modules, solar panels, Edmonton

The rails sit ready for the solar modules.

 Image 8

solar modules, solar panels, Edmonton, solar installations

Trevor and Greg installing the first of 20 solar modules or panels.

Image 9

solar panel, solar module, mid-clips, positive and negative leads, solar installation, Edmonton

The first module is installed with two end clips and two mid-clips. The positive and negative leads are plugged into the next module in the string.

 Image 10

solar modules, solar panels, solar installation, Edmonton
The last row of modules are being installed.

Image 11

Inverter, SMA Sunny Boy, solar installation, Edmonton

The SMA Sunny Boy 5000TL Inverter was installed in the garage. The Inverter converts the DC energy from the modules to AC energy used in the house.

 Image 12

Solar installation

Greg standing beside his first solar installation.


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