9.54 kW System


The first solar PV system designed and installed in Millet, Alberta. Thirty-six, 265 watt solar modules were installed in 3 rows across 12 columns on the Hagen’s shop.

Project Details:
Customer: Hagen Project Date: June, 2017
Provincial Grant: ~ $7,000 Project Type: Solar PV
Inverter System: Optimizers Address: 4822-51 Avenue
Number of modules: 36 City: Millet
Wattage of modules: 265W Province: Alberta

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Project Photos:
Image 1

solar installation
Ben working on the solar installation in Millet, Alberta. Great view of the racking and SolarEdge optimizers.

Image 2

The roof being prepared for the solar panels.
The team working on the roof in Millet, Alberta. The image also shows the scaffolding used to get on the roof.

Image 3

Kinetic flashing system
Installing the Kinetic flashing system that will hold the solar modules.

Image 4

The 10 kW SolarEdge Inverter used to convert the DC power coming from the solar modules to AC power used in the home.

Image 5

 squire guard or rodent guard
A final view of the solar modules with the squire guard used to keep any critters from nesting under the solar array.

Image 6

signing the solar module
Caroline signing the last solar module to be installed into the new solar array.

Image 7

solar installation
Dave helping with the solar installation.

 Image 8

solar modules, solar panels, solar installation, Millet, Alberta

A view of the completed 9.54kw solar array.

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