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 Can I Purchase A Single Panel?

You could chose to own a single panel/module and all the production from it. This calculation is performed on each project and can be found with the other project details.

The number of energy segments in a single module is calculated by taking the total number of modules in a project and dividing this by the total number of energy segments in the project.

Thus, using the information found in the example project provides the following data:

  Number of modules: 20
  Total number of energy segments : 1600
  Segments in a module: 80
  Cost of 80 energy segments: $800

Production from this single module and the CO2 offset in the first year is also included:

Production: 289 kWh
CO2 offset in first year: 188 kg


In the example project there are 20 modules; however, every project is different and the number of segments and the cost of a single module will vary between projects.

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