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Economics 101

The following question will help you decided if Energy Segments are for you:

  • Do you care about the economics behind renewable energy?
  • Do you want a return on your investment?
  • Can you afford a $10 investment to get you started?
  • Are you paying another business to invest in green energy?
  • Do you want to reduce your investment risk by investing in more than one project?
  • Do you want to take advantage of future cost reductions, technology enhancements, and other efficiencies?

Becoming a project sponsor or purchasing energy segments makes economic sense. Energy segments provide a return on your investment. Whether you invest $10 or $1000, over time you will recover the investment. If you spread your investments over several years the returns will likely become greater each year.

If you are paying another company to invest in green energy, it is likely being done in the form of paying a few extra cents per kWh consumed. By doing this, you are subsidising a renewable energy project, which is undeniably a commendable act. Unfortunately, the benefits of this additional investment end there, as you are left without any financial return on this extra investment.

Perhaps you’ve heard the investment strategy don’t keep all your eggs in one basket? If you keep all your eggs in one basket and then you drop the basket, you lose all your eggs. Investing in energy segments provides the opportunity to have several baskets, as you can make small investments in several different renewable energy projects to reduce the risk of your investment.

By investing gradually in energy segments, you take advantage of cost reductions. Recall the first computer you purchased. Did you know that if you delayed the purchase long enough you would end up with a faster and less expensive computer? The idea is the same with solar power, the longer you wait, the more the technological advances will progress efficiencies while reducing costs. But, with the environmental impact of our current path, can we afford to wait?

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