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Example Project

EnSegs provides data on the production value of past and future projects. Estimated values are just that, estimates. The estimated values provided are based on the type of technology being used in a particular project, e.g. solar, wind, hydro, or other. Note that the location, size, and numerous other factors can and do impact the estimated values provided.

Project Details:

Project Type: Solar PV Project Value: $16,000
Project Number: PV00001 Cost per watt: $3.08
Project Term: 25 years Project Status: Operational
System Size: 5.2 kW Street: 9220-60 Street
Number of modules: 20 City: Edmonton
Wattage of modules: 260W Province: Alberta

Energy Segment Details:

Value of each energy segment: $10
Total Number of energy segments in project: 1600
Segments owned by the project sponsor (51%): 816
Number of segments owned by EnSegs employee/owners: 70
Number of segments available for purchase: 714

Estimated Project Potential in first Year:

PV potential: 1245 kW h/kW
CO2 offset: 3,750 kg
Distribution fees saved: $65
Credit from Production: $460

Estimated Yearly Potential for a Single Energy Segment:

kWh generated per energy segment: 3.61 kWh
CO2 offset per energy segment: 2.35 kg
Credit from Production: $0.29


  • Inflation rate: ~2%
  • Cost of Electricity: $0.08/kWh
  • System annual operations and maintenance costs are estimated to be $10/kW
  • Management fee is $0.0035/kWh
  • Insurance costs have not been added
  • No carbon taxes or feed-in-tariffs have been calculated
  • Time value calculations are not used
  • System losses are estimated at 0.085%
  • Module degradation rate has been calculated at 2.5% in the first year and .5% in subsequent years
  • Payback period based on the above assumptions is approximately 25 years.

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