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 Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can the energy segments I purchase offset all the power I use?
      1. Yes, we recommend that you start with a few small goals. Take a look around you, at some of the common appliances, equipment, or gadgets that use electricity. Determine what the power consumption is and then plan on purchasing enough energy segments to power some of these devices.
      2. The database of electrical devices is a good place to start looking.
    2. Are there maintenance fees?
      1. Yes, EnSegs calculates a maintenance fees of $10/kW on projects to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly.
      2. A 5kW system has a yearly maintenance fee of $50. Fees are distributed across the cost of all the energy segment in a project.
    3. Do I own all the modules and the equipment that is installed?
      1. No, you own at least 49% and you can choose to own more if you like.
    4. What else is in the contract?
      1. A caveat has been added to the title of the property that ensures that the project remains on the property for the full length of the project. It also indicates that the owner of the property owns 51% of the project and is entitled to the same percentage of electrical power generated from the solar array.
      2. The owner agrees to pay EnSegs for 100% of the power that the array produces, and for the full period of contract. EnSegs credits the project owner for 51% and then takes the remaining 49% and pays this to the owners of the energy segments.
    5. As the Energy Segment Owner, can I sell the energy segments?
      1. Possibly, project segments are transferable so they can be sold.
    6. What does EnSegs charge to have energy segments transferred between owners?
      1. EnSegs current transfer fee is $20.
    7. How long is the commitment on a project?
      1. The length of the project is between 2 and 25 years.
    8. What happens if more efficient panels or modules are developed in the future?
      1. This is extremely likely!
      2. Just like advancements in computers, solar technologies will also continue to improve and become less expensive. This is why we feel individuals or companies are wise to make yearly investments in renewable energy projects. Spreading out your investment allows you to take advantage of tomorrow’s technological advances.
      3. Larger projects may see the installations broken into several phases over the course of several years; thus, the cost per watt of a future phase may be less than the original phase.
    9. Can I pre-order energy segments on future projects?
      1. Yes.
    10. How do I pre-order?
      1. Join our mailing list so you are informed of upcoming projects.
      2. To can join our mailing list at the same time you are creating an EnSegs account.
      3. Once a new project has been started we will let you know when new energy segments are available for pre ordering.
    11. What if EnSegs goes under?
      1. In the event that EnSegs Inc. dissolves, contracts are in place to protect both the project sponsor and the owners of the energy segments.
      2. The contracts provide a means for the property owner (project sponsor) to purchase back all energy segments and become the sole owner of the solar PV array.
    12. How is the value of an Energy Segments calculated?
      1. Energy segments are valued by combining the purchase price – past revenue + future revenue.
      2. The purchase price is the value of the segment at the time of purchase, including GST.
      3. Past revenue is simply the total revenue that has been paid to the segment owner.
      4. Future revenue is calculated by taking the remaining years in the contract, the production value of an energy segment, the current cost of electricity, and multiplying the factors together.

I’m a business owner that has a new project on my roof can I buy segments for my employees?

  • Yes! You could choose to purchase all the segments and then transfer ownership to your employees when needed.

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