1) Energy Segments5th Module

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 The Project Sponsor Scenario

The following example uses the information from the 5.2 kW system found under “Example Project”.

The Green family contacts EnSegs about having a solar PV system installed on their home. The family is concerned about the environment and feels that installing a solar PV system in Alberta is a good way to reduce the CO2 that is produced from generating electricity.

The Green’s have EnSegs design and install a solar PV system that will meet the household’s power needs for the entire year; however, they choose to only own 51% of the system. The remaining portion of the system will be sold to the community. This excites the Green’s as they now generate enough electricity for their home, and are providing the neighbours with the same opportunity.


  • 51% of their CO2 (44,216.30 kg) will be offset over the next 25 years from this project
  • At the end of the 25 year project the Green’s will own 100% of the solar array
  • The total cost with GST is $8,568.00

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