3) The Energy Segment Owner7th Module

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 Transferring Ownership

Segment owners can transfer ownership to anyone that has an account with EnSegs. Send an email to CustomerService@ensegs.com with the following information:

  • Your Name and Account Number
  • The Name and Account Number of the person to receive the transfer of energy segments
  • The number of energy segments being transferred
  • The Project Number you will be transferring energy segments from
  • The effective date.


  • The project sponsor must maintain 51% of the energy segments.
  • Transfers take place at the end of the monthly billing cycle; therefore, all requests for transfers need to be received 5 business days before this date.
  • EnSegs charges a twenty dollar transfer fee (plus GST).

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For questions or comments on the “The Energy Segment Owner” section please send us an email to CustomerService@ensegs.com