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What’s the Process

The process for becoming a project sponsor:

  1. Contact Us
    1. Contact Us to express your interest in becoming a project sponsor.
    2. Provide us with your address so that we can view your site to see if it matches the minimum criteria for a solar PV array.
  2. Site Assessment
    1. Once EnSegs has determined that your site meets or exceeds the criteria we will arrange a site visit where we will come out and take specific measurements and calculate the solar potential of your location.
    2. We will go over the agreement that specifies our guarantees and warranties and discuss each parities responsibilities. We will spend as much time as need to help you understand the agreement and to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Sign Agreement
    1. Once we have the signed agreement, and all your questions and concerns have been answered, we will have an expert design a solar PV system that meets the energy needs of your specific home or business.
  4. Installation
    1. We will arrange to have one of our installation team come out and do the installation.
    2. Once the final inspection is completed you can turn the switch on, and start generating your own renewable energy!

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For questions or comments on the “The Project Sponsor” section please send us an email to CustomerService@ensegs.com