EnSegs is currently focused on providing solar energy segments for the following reasons:

  • Modularity:
    • Installations can be sized to specific needs and installed in several phases.
  • Simplicity:
    • Conventional energy sources take several years to be developed before they are ready to produce power
    • Solar modules are serviced in stages. If a module is defective it can be replaced without affecting the production of power form the entire array.
    • Solar PV has solid state construction which means there are no moving parts, high reliability, and low maintenance costs
  • Low emissions:
    • Solar modules have zero or near-zero pollutant emissions over their useful life.
    • Some pollution is produced during the manufacturing of energy segments.
  • Great Warranty:
    • Solar modules have awesome warranties. Most warranties are for 25 years.
    • Solar modules degrade over time, but even at year 25 they are expected to produce 80% of the power they generated on day one.
  • Distributed Generation:
    • Each home or business becomes a small power plant.
    • This power plant supplies the home or business with a large portion of the power they consume and significantly reduces the transmission line losses of large centralized generation systems.



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