There are Several ways you can Produce your own Renewable Energy.

A wind turbine in a field

EnSegs provides options for people who want to invest in renewable energy. Energy Segments are currently offered in photovoltaic (PV) systems, but will also be offered in other renewable energy sources.

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The Sun

  • Solar PV modules collect energy from the sun and turn this energy into electricity.
  • Solar thermal also collects energy from the sun; however, the energy is used to heat water.

The Wind

  • Wind turbines are used to collect energy from wind.
  • EnSegs plans to provide future options for people who want to make investments in wind energy.


  • Run of the river systems are becoming a more common source of energy and can be used without the need to dam a river.
  • Wave power also holds tremendous potential it captures energy from the oceans waves and tides.

The Ground

  • Geothermal energy is captured from below the earth’s surface and turn into energy.

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