The Team working on a Solar PV installation.Energy Segments may be at the core of what we do; however, we understand that many people want to own their own solar PV system.

This section is about owning 100% of your own solar PV system and the considerations you will want to examine before deciding to have your own solar PV system installed.

Before proceeding you may want to consider exploring the Introduction to Solar PV section located under the “Learning” tab to familiarize yourself with a few solar PV concepts.

A solar installation is a big investment; thus, you will likely want to have a look at some of the PV systems we have designed and developed, see the Projects page.


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1) What are the steps?

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no single system type that is perfect for all applications.

  • What are the steps?
  • Site Assessment
  • Energy Analysis: starting with energy efficiency
  • Planning your Installation
  • Permits
  • Commissioning the System
  • Warranty Information

2) Selecting an Installer

  • Selecting an Installer
  • How do I find the right company?
  • Top 10 questions to ask!
  • How do I choose among PV providers?

3) Off Grid Installations

  • Off Grid Installations
  • Site Assessment
  • Energy Analysis
  • Batteries

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