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I’m often asked after providing a solar installation quote for a customer why the Micro-Generation Regulation (MGR) was not written or changed to allow people to generate more energy than they use. After all “I have all that extra space on my roof for clean energy”. To be honest I always thought it was to stall or limit the amount of independent power producers. However, Gordon Howell stated in a FaceBook post on November 24, 2017 that:

“The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) implements the Electricity Utilities Act (EUA) under the AUC Rule 007. There is a reasonable and complex and costly AUC interconnection process for approving ALL electricity generating units. There is also a reasonable and complex and costly AESO payment process for ALL electricity generators.

These two processes were set up years ago primarily for huge electricity generators. The sole purpose of the MGR is to simplify these two processes for people and organisations who want to generate their own electrical energy. If people want to generate more electricity than they use, no problem, they can apply under the EUA with all it consequential costs.”

According to Howell you can generate all the electricity you want as long as you are willing to spend the resources (time, energy, and money) needed to navigate the bureaucracy. Now the MGR expired late in 2016 and it has been modified, but not to allow people to generate more energy then they use. I have to ask… Would it have really been so problematic to write a caveat that allowed homeowners to fill the roof of a personal residence with solar modules?

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